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Consume This MIXTURE Every Day And Your Knee And Back Pain Will Disappear In Just 1 Week!

It is much easier to accept that aging brings about numerous negative consequences on our health and physical condition, but in reality, the way in which we treat and nourish the body during life is the main factor for the condition of the body when old.

However, there are also very important root causes for the hardening, pain, and stiffness of the body that happens over time, and they are not linked to aging. According to the experts, here are 5 (most common) reasons for your pain and stiffness:
  • Trauma: Past injuries and the trauma they cause might be the cause of your pain, as they can last for years if you do not deal with them on time.
  • Stress: Stress response is designed to help us when we are afraid of something, and it hardens the muscles.
  • Repression: Researcher have shown that pain can be both psychological or emotional in origin, and chronic pain can be a result of psychological or emotional stress which leads to tensed muscles.
  • Contractive Movement: Doing the wrong kinds of movements while exercising can result in various injuries and pain. Muscle stiffness after exercise is most often a result of a low-level micro-trauma or small tearing of the muscle fibers. Therefore, avoid over-training and performing exercises incorrectly, and try yoga or Pilates.
  • Inactivity: Movement is essential for keeping the body in shape and maintaining its flexibility. It keeps the tissues warm and in a fluid state. The body becomes stiff after several days inactivity, and the lack of exercise accelerates aging and increases the risk of age-related disorders, like obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders.
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